13 Apr

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Photo credit: Neil PalmerThere have been a number of high-profile articles about working towards increased Open Access for publicly funded scientific research recently.  Here are some links:

  1. Wellcome Trust joins ‘academic spring’ to open up science” (the Guardian)
  2. Science must be liberated from the paywalls of publishers” (the Guardian)
  3. Scientific Publishing: The price of information” (the Economist)
  4. Trust pushes for open access to research” (BBC News)

Some points of interest:

From the Guardian news item re: the “academic spring“:

“Nearly 9,000 researchers have already signed up to a boycott of journals that restrict free sharing as part of a campaign dubbed the “academic spring” by supporters due to its potential for revolutionising the spread of knowledge.

To address the lack of competition, the Wellcome Trust has teamed up with the Max Planck Society in Germany and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in the US to…

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